Badders Law Firm takes on Allstate Insurance Company after they refused to provide their own insured, Mr. Robert Louis, the coverage from his own policy for which he had been paying premiums on for years. After being hit by an uninsured driver and having his vehicle totaled in a collision, Mr. Louis sustained injuries that required significant medical treatment. Mr. Louis had been paying for Uninsured Motorist Coverage through his insurance company, Allstate. However, when it came time to make a claim, Allstate refused. On February 06, 2019, Mari Badders and Matt Hancock took Allstate to trial. After hearing the evidence, the jury members of Angelina County found that Mr. Louis had sustained significant damages and awarded $158,867.85. When insurance companies bully injured people, Badders Law Firm will make them pay. They are dedicated to protecting and defending the people of East Texas.