In 2013, our client was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler at a red light causing significant injury to his neck and spine, requiring extensive treatment including surgery. For years, the insurance company refused to acknowledge that this impact could have caused the injuries. The entire Badders Law Firm team continued to fight for our client and help with his medical costs as the case progressed. Despite multiple attempts to negotiate a realistic settlement that would appropriately compensate our client for incurred medical costs, future medical costs, and lost earning capacity, the insurance company would not budge. They hired “experts” to refute clear evidence that our client was injured as a result of their insured driver’s negligence, paying their experts more than they were willing to pay our client. Eventually, we took the case to an Angelina County Jury. After hearing and evaluating the evidence presented, including medical and biomechanics experts for both sides, they awarded a verdict of over $1.768 million. At Badders Law Firm, we won’t give up until we get our clients everything they deserve and that is available to them. We continue to fight – and we continue to win! If you have been injured, contact the team at Badders Law Firm. When it matters, call Badders!